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Youth Climate Education in Action

What is Enacting Climate?

Enacting Climate is an online collection of climate-related tools and activities for student learning and climate action.



This open-source collection includes:

This resource offers top climate solutions identified by leading climate experts in a lively format accessible to K-12 students and non-specialists (the top 20 available in Spanish too). This Open Educational Resource (OER) is an adaptation of top climate solutions from Project Drawdown that lists and describes the top 86 most impactful solutions for reversing global warming. This adaptation is adjusted to target a 5th grade reading level, but students younger and older will enjoy the engaging writing, descriptive illustrations, and vibrant photos. Each Drawdown solutions has its own 1-2-page entry that provides a written description and story of the solution, illustrations to help students visualize this solution in context, along with further research sources.      

This resource is created by a team at the University of Colorado led by Patrick Chandler (ENVS PhD Student) and Beth Osnes (associate professor of Theatre and Environmental Studies) with numerous undergraduate and graduate students. Along the process, we have had our adaptations peer reviewed by 5th grade students and teachers. These solutions are classroom-ready to support climate education and to inspire meaningful climate action.

This lively platform supports youth in enacting an equitable, survivable, and thrive-able future for all life and the ecosystems upon which all life depends. Activities are creative, performance-based, and embodied

Each activity can be linked with other modules or used alone. All activities in this collection are

  • Embodied and creative
  • Classroom tested
  • Ready to use in a ‘grab and go’ format
  • Non-disposable assignments that can be disseminated to effect policy action
  • Fun and/or aesthetically stirring
  • Adjustable for 5th-universtiy level youth
  • Supported with instructions, videos, and/or professional development options
  • Associated with a curated, published collection of student work resulting from each module, to which you can submit your student work for possible inclusion (www.insidethegreenhouse.org)

This collection of activities is designed to support creative climate communication and behavior change. It supports students in generating expressions to inspire their circles of influence to adopt pro-environmental policies at the governmental, business, school, family or individual level. The development of each module in this collection is:

  • Grounded in science
  • Informed by social science on effective climate engagement 
  • Enacted through performance and policy
  • Disseminated openly
At the root of this entire effort is action. The time to act is now. The ones to inspire us all to act are our youth. We can support and encourage their public actions in the classroom and other informal learning spaces. We can sustain their engagement in climate action by making it purposeful, fun, meaningful, satisfying, and emotionally and aesthetically stirring. Action gives real-world meaning to learning. Action helps students connect, make change, and ensure a future for themselves and other forms of life on Earth. Educational spaces need not be ‘dressed rehearsals’ for the real world. Our places of education are part of the real world and students are citizens (whether documented or not) of a global community of life on this planet.